Funkgerät, Lese-/Schreibeinrichtung und Verfahren zum Lesen/Schreiben eines Identifikationskodes im Funkgerät

Appareil de radio, dispositif de lecture/écriture et procédé de lecture/écriture d'un code d'identification dans l'appareil de radio

Radio apparatus, read/write device and method for reading/writing an identification code in the radio apparatus


In a radio apparatus (receiver, transmitter or transceiver) having a writable element (21) for storing identification codes, terminals provided on a circuit board are arranged substantially parallel to a casing opening face exposed up­on removal of a terminal protective cover (26). An identfi­cation code read/write device has a guide portion for gui­ding the outer casing of the radio apparatus in at least two directions in a plane. Read/write terminals of the read/write device are supported detachably with respect to the terminals on the circuit board in the radio apparatus. To read/write the identification code, the read/write ter­minals of the read/write device are detached from a table, the outer casing of the radio apparatus is brought into contact with the guide portion on the table and the read/write terminals are pressed against the terminals pro­vided on the substrate.




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