Movement simulator


Simulateur de mouvements


A movement simulator comprises:    a frame (2);    an auxiliary frame (3) movable relative to that frame;    at least one hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder (4) which is coupled to the frame (2) and supports the auxiliary frame (3), in which cylinder a piston (6) is arranged for sliding sealingly, which piston divides the cylinder (4) into two compartments;    an acceleration sensor (15) which generates an acceleration signal representative of the acceleration of the end of the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder (4) connected to the auxiliary frame (3), which acceleration sensor comprises:    two pressure sensors (35,36) which generate pressure signals representative of the pressures prevailing in the two respective compartments (33,34);    multiplying means (37,38) for multiplying the pressure signals by the respective effective piston surface areas for generating respective force signals;    first subtracting means (39) which subtract these force signals from one another for generating an effective force signal;    means (40) for deriving an actual acceleration signal partly from this effective force signal;    second subtracting means (51) which subtract this actual acceleration signal and a nominal acceleration signal from one another to form an adjusting acceleration signal (partly) on the basis of which the cylinder is controlled. The simulator has the feature that    the acceleration circuit further comprises    a third subtracting circuit (53) which subtracts the effective force signal and an estimated force signal from one another to form an actual force signal; and    adjustable amplifying means for amplifying this actual force signal with a desired factor, the output signal of which amplifying means is the actual acceleration signal.




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