Lock detection connector

Connecteur de détection de verrouillage

Verbinder mit Verriegelungserkennung


Lock detecting terminals (133a,133b) are disposed on one of connector housings (130) that are engageable with each other, and a short circuit terminal (114) is disposed on the other connector housing (110), the short circuit terminal (114) serving to short-circuit the lock detecting terminals (133a,133b) upon engagement of both housings. The lock detecting terminals (133a,133b) are arranged so as to extend along an inner wall surface (130a) of the housing (130) in such a manner that the distal ends thereof are not in contact with the edge portion of the engagement opening of the housing. As a result of this construction, the lock detecting terminals (133a,133b) will no longer be deformed while caught by the edge portion of the housing even when the housing is being engaged with the housing misaligned. Furthermore, the one connector (310) has the short circuit electrode (316) exposed to the outside and has a cover (320) movable between a protecting position and an opening position, the protecting position being such a position as to allow the cover (320) to cover the short circuit electrode (316), the opening position being such a position as to allow the cover to expose the short circuit electrode (316).




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