Datenleitungstreiber mit Schaltkreis zur Ladungsrückgewinnung

Data line drive with charge recovery circuit

Circuit de commande de lignes de données avec circuit pour récupération de charge


For saving power by recovery and reuse of charge on data lines of a matrix display panel, a data line drive device, has a simplified circuit configuration. The device comprises a matrix display panel having a plurality of data lines (DL); a data line drive circuit (1A) for driving said data lines (DL), including a plurality of switch units (QP1i, QN1i; i = 1 to N) interposed between a data voltage applying terminal (P12) and each of said data lines (DL); electrostatic charge storage means (C11, L11) for storing electrostatic charge on said data lines, which is connected to said data drive circuit (1A); and a switch (QS1i) for recovering the charge, having a parasitic diode (DS1i) which is interposed between said data line drive circuit (1A) and each of said data lines, said charge recovering switch (QS1i) being brought into a conductive state when the charge on the data lines is recovered to said charge storing means (C11, L11).




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