Glühstiftkerze für Motorblock und zugehöriges Verfahren

Core plug block heater and method

Bougie de réchauffage à noyau pour bloc de moteur et méthode


In accordance with the present invention, the heater provides a core plug having one open axial end and one closed axial end to define a hollow housing. During installation, the closed end of the housing is secured into an engine core bore, such that at least a portion of housing projects inwardly of the bore and is immersed in engine fluid. Independently, a heating element, adaptable to an external power supply, is releasably inserted inside the hollow housing. Heat is therefore conducted directly through the housing directly to the engine fluid and the engine itself. A quick-release retaining member is installed to retain the heating element within the housing while still allowing free rotation of the heating element therein. The free rotation of the heating element allows an electrical connector from an external power source to interconnect with the heating element completely independent of the final orientation of the heating element inside the core plug or the end orientation of the core plug within the engine bore. The present invention therefore functions as both an immersion and a dry heater while simplifying installation and replacement.




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