Calibration and setting of sensors in an assembly station

Calibrage et ajustement de capteurs dans un poste d'assemblage

Kalibrierung und Einstellung von Sensoren in einer Montagestation


An automated parts assembly station comprises means (11) of positioning and mutual locking of the parts to be assembled, assembly means (13) connecting the parts, and a measurement system (24) for the position of the parts to verify whether the geometry of the assembled part is in conformity with a desired ideal geometry. The measurement system (24) comprises a plurality of relative measurement sensors (15) with each sensor being arranged and fixed in a purposeful seat in an associated appropriate geometrical solid (22). The measurement system has memories containing the position of geometrical spatial specifications of the solid with respect to a reference system chosen for the station and on the basis of the contents of the memories calibrates and sets the operational measurements of the sensors to convert them from relative to the sensor to absolute with respect to said reference system chosen for the station. A calibration and setting method is also described.




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