Système et méthode de gestion d'une bibliothèque partitionnée à supports amovibles

System und Verfahren zur Verwaltung einer Wechselmedienbibliothek mit Bibliothekpartitionen

System and method for managing a moveable media library with library partitions


In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to a system for managing a moveable media library. The system may comprise at least one robotic mechanics and a controller. The controller may comprise a processor for executing instructions and non-volatile memory for storing at least: code for controlling the at least one robotic mechanics; and code for responding to commands received from host systems to retrieve a moveable medium of a plurality of moveable media, the code for responding is operable to receive the commands addressed with multiple device identifiers according to a device access protocol, and the code for responding is operable to associate each device identifier of the multiple device identifiers with at least one respective library partition.




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